Thursday, October 14, 2010

PreView Screening of "I Spit on Your Grave" at the Landmark River Oaks Theater 09-23-10

It was a wonderful night to see a movie September 23rd, 2010 at the River Oaks Theater for the preview screening of Steven Monroe's remake of Meir Zarchi's 1978 film "Day of the Woman: I Spit on Your Grave".

The movie tells the story of an aspiring writer who is repeated gang-raped and beaten by three brothers and a crooked Sheriff. When she is about to be killed she escapes by jumping off a bridge. Now the hunters become the hunted. Each of the four men are subsequently given the same treatment they imposed on her but with deadly results.

The current 2010 remake was filmed in Louisiana with a little over a million and half dollar budget.

Casting includes Sarah Butler, Daniel Franzese, Chad Lindberg, Jeff Branson and Andrew Howard. Also seen Tracy Walter, Saxon Sharbino, Rodney Eastman, Mollie Milligan and Amber Landrum.

C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine took some pictures of the event. You can see some of them below and the rest at:

The film opens in theaters across the country, October 8, 2010.

C-47 Houston Review of the 2010 remake of "I Spit on Your Grave":

We were invited to see the movie at the Landmark River Oaks theater for the pre-release screening of this film. Technically, the film contained all the elements of filmmaking. The lighting was nicely done, the cinematography and composition was consistent and visually compatible. Sound was equally deep and rich. And, acting was professional. The story was graphic in nature. Some of the scenes were hard to watch as the brutality of rape and the length of the act  made for a difficult viewing time. I am sure that the intent was to make the revenge that subsequently followed a more palatable reason to kill the monsters that rape and beat innocent victims. Consistent to horror films, however, there were elements of stupidity that made for an unrealistic portrayal of violence. And, of course, the leading lady was naive to be secluded in the middle of no where with pshycotic killers nearby. This is not a horror film. This is a suspense/thriller and definitely not for children. We give this film a good 7 out of 10 on our scale.

You can see more about this film on their official website at: http://www.ispitonyourgravemovie.com/

Monday, September 20, 2010

The 11th Annual Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival Mixer and Awards 09-19-10

If you missed the 11 Annual Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival, you missed out on a lot of fun, films and meeting some filmmakers/MovieMakers. The organizer and founder of the festival, Hal Wixon, was able to pull together a wonderful event and produce a very elegant atmosphere which started with a Mixer at the Capri Villa Restaurant in Seabrook, Texas on Friday night, September 17th, 2010.
This was an excellent opportunity to mix, mingle and rub elbows with some talented filmmakers.  Actress and Super Model Cheryl Tiegs was there and was so gracious to mix and meet everyone that came to the event. She was giving out autographs and taking pictures with anyone who asked. The food was outstanding and, in all, it was a wonderful and relaxing night.
C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine was there on the invitation of Mr. Wixon, and we took some pictures:

You can see more of our pictures at:
The next night, Saturday, September 18th, Mr. Wixon, presented the Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival's Cascade Awards Banquet at the NASA Hilton Hotel in Clear Lake, Texas. Again, the atmosphere was wonderful. This was another opportunity to meet and rub elbows with some filmmakers. This was also the time for awards. C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine was awarded the Ernie Robertson Esteem Award.  The award is the first in this category. Mr. Robertson was at one time a founding member of our magazine, then titled "C-47 Monthly" Mr. Robertson was diagnosed with Cancer in 2008 and has since left us. He will be remembered and this award will live on with the Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival. Some pictures were took for us, as the producer was unavailable on this night. You can see some of the pictures below:

 You can see more of our pictures at:
SideNote: Editorial:
The Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival is one of Houston's better festival. For the past couple of years the festival has been suffering from setbacks related to Hurricane Ike. The area is just now coming back and this festival is in need of support in order to continue. It's long term benefit to the area is unmistakable. Please don't let this festival become a memory. Support it, go to it and help it. 
And, be sure to visit our website at: http://www.c47houston.com/ . There you can find videos, links, subscriptions and a whole lot more.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hank Balz's "Spandex and Mandrix" Rough-cut Screening and the Splatterfest Mixer 2: The Sequel Mixer

C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine was out and about in Houston Thursday night, September 16, 2010.  In prepreation of next weeks Splatterfest Weekend of Mayhem film competition, producer Kelly Smith and Organizer Kerry Beyer brought filmmakers together to meet and form teams for the upcoming short horror film competition. The film competition will begin at 6PM on Friday, September 24th and end Sunday night September 26th at 11:59PM. Films will be judged and the selected films will be shown at the 2010 Houston Horror Fest starting October 13th through October 15th.
C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine was at Thursday night's Splatterfest Mixer 2: the Sequel and we took some pictures:


You can see more pictures at:

We also stopped by to see the rough-cut screening of Hank Balz's new documentary film about Houston's Cardi's Nightclub called "Spandex and Mandrix". A documentary about the music of late 70's and early 80's. Cardi's was located in the shopping center on the corner of Westheimer and Fountainview. The film was screened at the Concert Pub on Richmond and Chimney Rock. A lot of people were there to re-live and reflect on the days of spandex and rock music. Mr. Balz hopes to be screening the final version of the film sometime later this year.
C-47 Houston was there to take some pictures and to support our filmmaker:


You can see more of these  pictures by visiting :
C-47 Houston Entertianment Magazine is about our filmmakers. Our goal is to build a foundation where our future filmmakers can fund their projects from investors that are willing to make movies.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Houston Film Group Monthly Meeting 09-14-10

The organizer of the Houston Film Industry MeetUp Group, Mr. Randy Chapman, held its monthly meeting for filmmakers at the Sherlock's Pub - River Oaks Tuesday night September 14th, 2010. C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine stepped into the main room of Sherlock's Pub to see a room full of MovieMakers interested in meeting other moviemakers, mixing and mingling. Mr. Chapman founded this group back in April of 2006, so far he has managed to bring in an impressive amount of members and have made over a dozen short films, some winning award films.
The MeetUp group meets once a month all over the Houston area. If you are interested in joining in this group or want to learn more about this group visit:
http://www.meetup.com/filmind-254/ .
You can also visit their offical website at: http://www.houstonfilm.org/ 

C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine took some pictures of this meet up event.

You can see more of the pictures we took at this wonderful event by visting our website at: http://www.c47houston.com/ or on our facebook pictures at: 

The last time we visited this meetup meeting was back in 2008. It has grown and Mr. Chapman has done a fantastic job with this organization.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The September issue of C-47 Houston Entertainment magazine.

The 2010 September issue of C-47  Houston Entertainment Magazine is now available for you to purchase or to pick up. The September issue features Filmmaker, Writer and Director Wayne Slaten as our Headline Cover Interview. Mr. Slaten is the writer and director of the suspense horror feature film "Backroad" which premiered in Houston just recently. Mr. Slaten talks to C-47 Houston about his last film "Backroad" you can see it at:

Taking the photograph is Houston's Jamiel Boling of  IEKOMEDIA.com. He did a fantastic job with Wanye and his professionalism more than produced an excellent Headline Cover for September but produced an outstanding visual marketing photo for the magazine.

Also, C-47 Houston talked with the twin team of Arturo and Gerardo Parra. Filmmakers and Television makers with CounterPart Films.  The Parra's were able to talk to our cameras. You can see that video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Da_Q233AX4U

The filmmakers are busy working on several projects including talk shows, commercials and of course, are in pre-production on their new feature film. They talked about their careers in this business and where they hope to see it in a few years.

Lastly, C-47 Houston talked with actress and producer Kelly Burns Smith. Relatively new to the scene but making a huge impact on the local film community. Smith talked to C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine. You can see that video at:

Ms. Smith is the producer and marketing/PR representative for the 2010 SplatterFest Weekend of Mayhem and the upcoming 2010 Houston HorrorFest.  Represented by Houston's Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency, Ms. Smith is becoming a leader in her field.

In Addition, to the forgoing interviews the September issue of C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine contains plenty of news, a listing of film calls and/or contests, our September daily schedule and marketing information.

You can order a copy of this exciting issue in both electronic copy or hardcopy at our official website at: http://www.c47houston.com/ . Just look for the PayPal button, choose your option and start enjoying our magazine via subscription or a single copy.

The Cast/Crew Screening of Director Tom Vaughan's thriller "Playing House"

Filmmaker and Director Tom Vaughan screened a cast and crew cut if his new feature suspense/thriller film "Playing House" at the Landmark River Oaks Theater August 30, 2010. Written by Tom Vaughan and Kristy Dobkin, "Playing House" tells the story of two newlyweds who have moved-in into a house and try to make ends meet by bringing in a best friend to help with the mortgage. The best friend then meets a beautiful woman who has other plans and starts to eliminate the competition.
The film stars Mayra Leal, Sarah Prikryl, Craig Welzbacher, and Matt Lusk with apearances by Shelley Calene-Black, Celeste Robers, Caleb George Mari Ferguson and Alex Dorman.

C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine was at the cast and crew screening and took some pictures of the event.

You can see more of our pictures by visiting our facebook page at:

The screening was full of actors and crew. This is Mr. Vaughan directorial feature film and from what we viewed, the film was well  made in composition, sound and light. The story was both compelling and entertaining. There were some aspects of the film that could have been better implimented but overall the film delivered suspence and thrills.
If you have a chance to veiw this film as it hits the festival circuit do so. "Playing House" is a thrilling ride.

The SplatterFest Weekend of Mayhem Mixer/Mingle 08-30-10

Producer Kelly Burns Smith (C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine's 2010 LimeLight Actress for September) and Organizer/Filmmaker Kerry Beyer (C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine's February 2008 Headline Cover Interview and director of the Horror feature film "Spirit Camp") presented the SplatterFest Weekend of Mayhem Mixer and Mingle for filmmakers and actors. This mixer was a way to bring together the filmmakers so that they can meet their competition and form filmmaking teams for the upcoming SplatterFest Weekend of Mayhem film Competition taking place on the weekend of September 24th.  The 54-hour horror film competition tests the filmmakers to make a short horror film within a weekends time. The winning films will be screened at the 2010 Houston HorrorFest and at the Alamo Drafthouse - West Oaks Mall, October 15th.

C-47 Houston was at the SplatterFest Mixer and we took some pictures:


In all, the mixer was a fun and enjoyable time. It was free and it was a great way to network with your favorite filmmakers both directors and actors.

Also, Ms. Smith and Mr. Beyer are pleased to present the "SlatterFest Mixer 2: The Sequel" coming up September 16th starting at 7PM at McElroy's Pub near the corner of Richmond and S. Shepherd. This is another opportunity for filmmakers to meet one final time before the start of the film competition. If you are new to flim and television this is a great opportunity to get involved and meet some of Houston's horror filmmakers. C-47 Houston hopes to see Houston come to the plate to support our filmmakers.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The 2010 Summer Sneak Peak

It was a hot and wonderful night at the 2010 Houston Summer Sneak Peek, Thursday, August 12th at the LandMark River Oaks Theater. Organized by Chris Spisak the Sneak Peek presented four short films by four local Houston Filmmakers.

The short films included works by Renee Edd and her film "Midsummer", Chuck Norfolk and his film "Bar Room Blitz", Judy Garlow and her film "Key of D" and Chris Spisak and his film "The Usual". C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine was able to capture each of the filmmakers on video as they talked about their respective works. You can see them at:

Hosted by the team from Ahead Shot, Chad Thackston, Kelly Smith, and Chantal Fischbach, the Summer Sneak Peak brought in hundreds of independent movie fans, filmmakers and actors.




After each screening the Director was asked to step on-stage to answer a few questions, from the audience, about their films.
In all, the entire event was planned out and entertaining. There were a couple of minor technical problems but nothing that prevented the even flow of the event. 
The films were diverse in their approaches and genres. Renee Edd's "Midsummer" was a fantasy and Science Fiction film, that had a sort of surreal and dream like feel to it. Chuck Norfolk's "Bar Room Blitz" was a humorous action/adventure film that contained a mixture of choreographed sequences and quick cuts. Judy Garlow's "Key of D" told a story of several relationships using music to set the tone and music that substituted for dialogue. And, lastly Chris Spisak's "The Usual" was a dark and mysterious film that dealt with addiction and the impact it has on others. All the films were nicely done and all the filmmakers created works that were outstanding. It is apparent that film making in Houston is beginning to rival, if not surpass, those in other areas of the state and this may be the start of a viable film making industry here in Houston.

C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine was at the Houston Summer Sneak Peek and we took some pictures. You can see them at:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Houston Filmmaker Eddie Rodriguez talks about "Jon Wuz Here" 08-05-10

Writer and Director Eddie Rodriguez  (pictured below) talks to C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine about his new Comedy short film "Jon Wuz Here". 08-05-10

The film was screened to a packed theater at the Alamo Drafthouse-West Oaks Mall on Thursday August 5, 2010. This is the final version of the film. This time last year the cast and crew viewed a rough cut of the film. C-47 Houston was there to support our filmmakers. You can see those pictures at::

Mr. Rodriguez took the time to talk with C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine about his new short venture. We are pleased to present for the first time, Mr. Eddie Rodriguez.

C-47 Houston was also at the screening of "Jon Wuz Here" you can see those pictures at:

In all the film was very well made. The lighting was excellent, the cinematography was composed and visually entertaining. The sound quality was superb and the score was complimentary  to the film. "Jon Wuz Here" is an excellent example of a good comedic film. It was well thought out and the filmmakers took the time to ensure that the film was entertaining, humorous and studio quality.  This group of filmmakers are well on their way to creating outstanding and quality films should they decide to make more films.

You can learn more about "Jon Wuz Here" on their website at: