Monday, August 16, 2010

The 2010 Summer Sneak Peak

It was a hot and wonderful night at the 2010 Houston Summer Sneak Peek, Thursday, August 12th at the LandMark River Oaks Theater. Organized by Chris Spisak the Sneak Peek presented four short films by four local Houston Filmmakers.

The short films included works by Renee Edd and her film "Midsummer", Chuck Norfolk and his film "Bar Room Blitz", Judy Garlow and her film "Key of D" and Chris Spisak and his film "The Usual". C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine was able to capture each of the filmmakers on video as they talked about their respective works. You can see them at:

Hosted by the team from Ahead Shot, Chad Thackston, Kelly Smith, and Chantal Fischbach, the Summer Sneak Peak brought in hundreds of independent movie fans, filmmakers and actors.




After each screening the Director was asked to step on-stage to answer a few questions, from the audience, about their films.
In all, the entire event was planned out and entertaining. There were a couple of minor technical problems but nothing that prevented the even flow of the event. 
The films were diverse in their approaches and genres. Renee Edd's "Midsummer" was a fantasy and Science Fiction film, that had a sort of surreal and dream like feel to it. Chuck Norfolk's "Bar Room Blitz" was a humorous action/adventure film that contained a mixture of choreographed sequences and quick cuts. Judy Garlow's "Key of D" told a story of several relationships using music to set the tone and music that substituted for dialogue. And, lastly Chris Spisak's "The Usual" was a dark and mysterious film that dealt with addiction and the impact it has on others. All the films were nicely done and all the filmmakers created works that were outstanding. It is apparent that film making in Houston is beginning to rival, if not surpass, those in other areas of the state and this may be the start of a viable film making industry here in Houston.

C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine was at the Houston Summer Sneak Peek and we took some pictures. You can see them at:

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