Sunday, March 29, 2015

Exclusive: For our Blog family... a new C47Houston FlixReview has been posted. You can read it at:  http://www.c47houston.com/MurderBookReview.htm This is a direct link to the review, however, check out all of our reviews at: http://www.c47houston.com/FlixReviews.htm

NEWS from the Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival and Organizer/Founder Hal Wixon. Due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts the date of the festival is being moved from Friday/Saturday September 25th and 26th to its NEW date of Friday/Saturday September 11th and 12th. All venues and time remain the same. For more about the GCFVF visit their website at: www.GulfCoastFilmFest.com

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The new C47Houston WEEKLY is released. (Vol. 2 Issue 29) The only way to get one is either be a subscriber or by ordering a copy. You can get a subscription at www.C47Houston.com or if you want to order a copy visit: http://www.c47houston.com/C47Weeklys2015B29.htm It's only $2.17

The new issue of C47Houston WEEKLY no. 29 is about to be released to subscribers. The only way to get this eMagazine is by subscription or by ordering a copy. You can do both at: www.C47Houston.com  Release is scheduled for Wednesday, tomorrow, March 25th  On the cover is Writer and Director Juan Vazquez who just premiered his second feature motion picture "Murder Book" Saturday, March 21st at the Alamo Drafthouse-Vintage Park, in Houston. We will have a review sometime next week so stay tuned.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

We are back from the screening of Juan Vasquez's new feature motion picture, "Murder Book", screening at the Alamo Drafthouse-Vintage Park - Saturday, March 21st, Houston Texas. It was good to see and meet producer Joseph Trahan, actor Tommy Poynter, actor David T. Nguyen, actor/producer Jeff and Heidi Caperton, of course, actress Heather Williams, Darren Brimberry, producer Efrain-Abran Gutierrez, Jr., and Director Juan Vasquez among others. See what this was all about in our next C47Houston WEEKLY where we talk about the movie and have additional photos. That issue is scheduled to be released Wednesday, March 25th. Of course, the only way to get it is by subscription or by ordering a copy Subscription is easy just go to: www.C47Houston.com and press the Subscription button. If you want to only order a single copy you will have to order it after 9PM Wednesday. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The new issue of C47Houston WEEKLY no. 28 is released. Want one? You can order it at: www.c47houston.com/C47Weeklys2015G28.htm What? did you think it was going to be for FREE? That only happens if you get a subscription. To do that go to: www.C47Houston.com and press the subscription button. 

We met the owner and operator of Houston's 14Pews, Ms. Cressandra Thibodeaux for coffee and tea at BoomTown Coffee in the Heights. It was a wonderful time and Ms. Thibodeaux is outstanding and her work with the community is noticeable. Check out 14Pews at: www.14Pews.org

Friday, March 13, 2015

I am back from the screening of David Heck's 60-minute short B&W silent movie "The Kid". This is a modern remake of Charlie Chaplin's movie of the same name.  Music by the wonderful Jerry Ochoa and Two Star Symphony.... The venue was wonderful and movie was excellently done. It was good to see Cinematographer Larry McKee and Director Joe Grisaffi, Actress Shelly Boozer and Photographer Cinnamon Auld, among others that I met for the first time.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Breaking: the New issue of C47Houston WEEKLY Volume 2, Issue 27 is released. YOU didn't get one? order one at: http://www.c47houston.com/C47Weeklys2015X27.htm 

Monday, March 9, 2015

I was scanning our magazines over the years and helping Thomas Hall of the Lagnappe Film & Music Festival with a particular ad, when I noticed that C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine and its supplemental publication, C47Houston WEEKLY have done an amazing job with covering a lot of our Texas Independent movie makers, talking about the many projects that have been made in this state and exposing the talent we have to offer. We have taken some outstanding pictures, given our readers some fantastic interviews from the POV of actors, producers, directors and cinematographers. WE have helped the startup ventures attain their goals and have seen the emergence of a growing movie making scene. It's big. WE are happy to say that we have worked really hard to give everyone a chance and it has been working. A lot of our featured talent is being grabbed by distributors and studios, a lot of the featured actors are moving forward with their careers and getting noticed and WE only hope that it will continue into the future. If you are not getting this magazine, you should be. If you are not sending us a press release, you should be as our magazine is being noticed, is being seen and is being commented about in circles where investors, mover and shakers are lunching and planning their next projects. WE are C47Houstlon News & Entertainment Magazine, Texas' platform for the serious moviemaker, Theatre, music and art professionals. Someone told me it couldn't be done, but here WE are 8 years later. WE are soon to hit our 100th issue. Subscribe or order a copy or don't...WE don't really care. Our magazine is global. However, you are missing out. www.C47Houston.com

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ran into Actor and first time director David Scott Heck at the G Gallery and Redbud Gallery, Sunday Night, March 8th.  His new silent B&W project based on Charlie Chaplin's movie "The Kid" (but modernized) is premiering this coming Friday, March 13th. WE are looking forward to seeing it. Also, we met Artist J. Antonio Farfan at the Gallery. He was there to show his work... it was a great night for all. 

We stumbled onto a Car show at the Constellation Park in Sugar Land Saturday, March 7th, 2015 just off Highway 6 and Highway 90. This is their first year at the park, but we suspect that next year will be bigger and better. 

Breaking: C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine is lining up their next issue, scheduled to be released the first part of June, and we are pretty excited about the covered feature and the featured actor. If you are not subscribing or ordering, you are missing out. www.C47Houston.com

Friday, March 6, 2015

Breaking: The Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival (GCFVF) is NOW accepting Short Drone (aerial) projects for their upcoming festival. A new competitive short Category. Short project restrictions apply and short project fees apply. Submit your projects, get forms, learn more and pay fees at: www.GulfCoastFilmFest.com

EXCLUSIVE: For our blogger subscribers. Please enjoy our new issue with our compliments. On the cover is Producer and Writer Carlos Tovar our featured filmmaker. AND, we have an exclusive interview with Documentary filmmaker, Natasha Fissiak, who just premiered her new project, "Pussy Riot: the Movement". 

To view the copy click on this link: http://tinyurl.com/mecfe9x


Thursday, March 5, 2015

The new issue of C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine is released as of midnight. Want one? or want to know what WE are all about? Order an eMagazine at:  
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The new issue of C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine will be released this coming Thursday. Subscribers and Pre-orders get them first. On the cover is Producer/writer Carlos Tovar. You can pre-order your copy at: www.C47Houston.com. They are only $12.50 + tax, but a subscription will save you some money and well worth it.  Also, we have an exclusive interview with the director of "Pussy Riot: the Movement" Ms. Natasha Fissiak who is headed to LA to premiere her movie April 2nd. Order a copy.