Sunday, August 8, 2010

Houston Filmmaker Eddie Rodriguez talks about "Jon Wuz Here" 08-05-10

Writer and Director Eddie Rodriguez  (pictured below) talks to C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine about his new Comedy short film "Jon Wuz Here". 08-05-10

The film was screened to a packed theater at the Alamo Drafthouse-West Oaks Mall on Thursday August 5, 2010. This is the final version of the film. This time last year the cast and crew viewed a rough cut of the film. C-47 Houston was there to support our filmmakers. You can see those pictures at::

Mr. Rodriguez took the time to talk with C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine about his new short venture. We are pleased to present for the first time, Mr. Eddie Rodriguez.

C-47 Houston was also at the screening of "Jon Wuz Here" you can see those pictures at:

In all the film was very well made. The lighting was excellent, the cinematography was composed and visually entertaining. The sound quality was superb and the score was complimentary  to the film. "Jon Wuz Here" is an excellent example of a good comedic film. It was well thought out and the filmmakers took the time to ensure that the film was entertaining, humorous and studio quality.  This group of filmmakers are well on their way to creating outstanding and quality films should they decide to make more films.

You can learn more about "Jon Wuz Here" on their website at:

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