Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Cast/Crew Screening of Director Tom Vaughan's thriller "Playing House"

Filmmaker and Director Tom Vaughan screened a cast and crew cut if his new feature suspense/thriller film "Playing House" at the Landmark River Oaks Theater August 30, 2010. Written by Tom Vaughan and Kristy Dobkin, "Playing House" tells the story of two newlyweds who have moved-in into a house and try to make ends meet by bringing in a best friend to help with the mortgage. The best friend then meets a beautiful woman who has other plans and starts to eliminate the competition.
The film stars Mayra Leal, Sarah Prikryl, Craig Welzbacher, and Matt Lusk with apearances by Shelley Calene-Black, Celeste Robers, Caleb George Mari Ferguson and Alex Dorman.

C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine was at the cast and crew screening and took some pictures of the event.

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The screening was full of actors and crew. This is Mr. Vaughan directorial feature film and from what we viewed, the film was well  made in composition, sound and light. The story was both compelling and entertaining. There were some aspects of the film that could have been better implimented but overall the film delivered suspence and thrills.
If you have a chance to veiw this film as it hits the festival circuit do so. "Playing House" is a thrilling ride.

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