Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump Wins: Democracy on Trial

Trump Wins: Democracy on Trial

First of all I will have to preface this blog by saying that I am in no way a political expert or by no means interested in politics. I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I am a FREE thinker and I vote for whom I consider to be the best person for the job, regardless of political affiliation, or gender. Saying that, and being able to read and comprehend complex issues, I am educated and versed with the ability to see things and concepts from an objective point of view (and not emotional) instead of the hazards of myopically shielded insight. Thus, my reflection on this particular issue are my own and not intended to create animosity, however, it will.

The 2016 Presidential Election, Tuesday, November 8th, was an interesting testament to the many voices of the American people. Democracy in progress. On the one side, you have the Democrats, who have represented the nation under President Barack Obama, (a President that I admire and respect despite his political decisions) who has been in office for the past 8 years. The Democrat philosophy is to represent the people who elected them by instituting government programs that can only be funded by the increase in taxes (where taxes are allocated according to net worth) and to redistribute those funds across the American landscape and to provide people with the government resources to which they may be entitle and are created by one or both parties. But, getting back to point...

Under the US Constitution, no president can serve more than two 4-year terms. Thus, a new president will have to be elected to hold the highest seat in the country. Via political maneuvering and a convention, the democrats selected millionairess, career politician and Former First Lady Hillary Clinton to represent them as their prospective President. A candidate with extensive political experience, ambitions but NO military experience.

On the other side, you have the Republicans. Their philosophy is generally the same as the Democrats in as much as they also represent the people who elected them but, hold that free enterprise and the achievement of personal success is accomplished through work and not entitlements. Taxes under this philosophy are allocated via a flat tax across the board regardless of personal assets. 

There is, of course, many other differences between the two parties, fundamental differences, but suffice it to say and for the purpose of this blog, the philosophies are in its simplest form. Again, I am not interested in the details of why both candidates do what they do.

The Republicans, via political maneuvering and convention, selected Businessman and billionaire Donald Trump to represent them as their prospective President. A candidate that has NO political experience as a government elected official (keep in mind that running a business may be political in nature, as well) and NO military experience.

Now that the framework has been constructed, good or bad, this election has been filled with the worse qualities of human nature exhibited by people who sided with one candidate or the other. And, this will piss you off more than my last statement. It is our observation, (keeping in mind that I am a progressive, free-thinker that will only vote for the best person, whomever that might be), that the left-wing die-hard democrats are hypocritical, violent and usurp the democratic process for the benefit of the media. I am not talking about the majority of the democrats who voted and then accept, via the democratic process, that their candidate lost the election. Take for example the graciousness of Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's concession speech. Ms. Clinton exemplified, the true democratic process and the smooth transition of Power.I am talking about those that express their views by protesting, defacing, disruptions, crime and basic hate and bigotry.

The assumptions being thrown around the political battlefield by the uber-Democrats, who supposedly believe in tolerance and equality is appalling and disturbing. The violence they exhibited toward expressions that countered their ideals is everything but passionate and typical of bullying. In other words, if you don't agree with their values and ideals you are an ignorant right-winged Nazi full of bigotry, evil and hate and thus a target for bigotry, evil and hate. That logic is INSANE.  I am not a Republican and I didn't agree with all of the ideals that are being postulated by the left (or the right) and I am not a bigot, I am not evil and I try not to hate...lol.
Not any better was the uber-Republican (the far right) stand against the governments policies regarding the President, US/Mexico border, the asylum of people of Middle Eastern decent, gun control, and the list goes on.

Both sides of the political spectrum have displayed the worse in Americans. Personally, I am disgusted by both sides. And, even NOW, protests are being organized by the losing party and gloating by the winning party are prevalent on social media and the public streets and highways.  The democratic process is unique in the world and has worked very well for over  200 years. The only issue that constantly comes up with a democratic system that comes into play every single election and is brought up as a negative aspect of the election process by the losing party is the Electoral College. Always, the popular vote verses the electoral college and how the election was stolen from the losing party.

HERE IS A TRUTH....The electoral college actually BENEFITS THE DEMOCRATS. Thus, if a Republican won, it was because the Democrats DIDN'T DO THEIR JOB CORRECTLY. Don't blame anyone else but YOUR PARTY FOR FAILING. There is actually reasons for the electoral college and it was created by minds that foresaw what we are experiencing today.

I am disgusted by the idiocy of people on social network that voice an opinion based on nothing more than emotion and hate for people they do not know. I am disgusted by the constant display of bigotry, evil and hate by a people devoted to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. A people that profess Love and understanding. A people that rise above pettiness and in times of hardship come together to lend a helping hand.

And, I am going to say this as no one else will, it is the democrats that are causing this division we are facing today. It is the democrats that are bigots and haters. It is the democrats that have lost sight of the meaning of a democratic system. It is the democrats that are violent and disruptive. It is the democrats that have forgotten that half of the people have voted for the opposite party. This is NOT some 3rd world country or France where there is a history of coups.

With regard to the Republicans. I know where they stand each and every time. But, from my experience the Republicans have always come through when the democrats have not. Furthermore, I know both Democrats and Republicans and I have never come across a Republican that has hated more, is as bigoted and is as violent as a die-hard left wing Democrat.

Donald Trump has won the election, I have to live with that decision. I don't have to like it and I can voice my opinion to my elected officials and I can vote him out the next time there is an election but from what I can see, Democracy is on Trial.

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