Friday, November 6, 2015

What you need to know about making a Movie...So, you want to make movies!

What you need to know about making a movie.

There are many schools of thought regarding the approach you take in making a movie for the first time. Some will tell you to pick up a copy of Robert Rodriguez’s movie making book “Rebel without a Crew”. Others will tell you to go to a reputable filmmaking school and learn what you need to know about making a movie. And, still others will tell you to spend your money and take some filmmaking classes, workshops and even seminars with various directors whom are willing to answer your questions about how to make a movie.

We have had the pleasure and opportunity to meet a huge amount of moviemakers over the few years we have been in business. Some come from and have degrees in some reputable schools; some have picked up Mr. Rodriquez book and have created their own projects and some have taken classes, attended workshops and seminars.

These approaches all have their merits, some disadvantages and plenty of information about how one would go about making their movie venture. But, the only approach that you ought to be taking is your OWN approach to movie making. If you are a fan of watching movies you will no doubt have analyzed the techniques used by many directors in the creation of their movies. The only thing stopping you from picking up a camera and telling your story, or someone else’s story is YOU.

If you feel like you need the resources provided by books, schools or workshops go for it, but it is your own approach that may make a difference in being noticed as a moviemaker and director. YOUR creative style is all that counts and all that matters. Being original and having a unique take on making movies may get you noticed on every social network site. AND, you may get the attention from the studios looking to back an up-and-coming moviemaker with something different to show.  

Sure, you can learn some of the basics about movie making, from a book or from a workshop however, it all comes down to your particular and unique creative style in making a movie. It’s the way you move the camera, the way you make it flow from point “A” to point “B”, the way you compose your image within the four angles of a frame, the way you create a scene, the way you backlight an actor or an object, the way you cut and splice and the way you tell your story.

We have seen some really good movies made by people that have no business making movies and they do a great job in creating something unique and inspiring, at the same time, we have seen some bad movies made from people that really have no business making movies but continue to live out their dreams. Regardless of whether the movie was bad or a good venture, WE have to say that the movies that have grabbed our attention have always been creative and utilizing some unique approaches that can not be taught in a book or a workshop. They have a style of their own and a particular approach to making a movie.

Pick up a camera and experiment. Bring out your creative side and make a movie that when shown…people will remember, not because the story was good, but because you leave a visual imprint in their minds…something that they can not forget. This is what is going to get you noticed. Forget about following someone else’s idea on how you ought to make a movie. This was good for them and may not be or apply to YOU. 

Remember, you are an artist with a blank canvas in the form of a giant silver screen in front of you. The brushes you use is a movie camera with various lenses and the image you put on that silver screen is YOUR view of the world. The color you mix is your idea of lighting and sound and the texture you create by composing a scene in front of a camera is only limited by your imagination. When you are ready to apply that first stroke of paint, you are applying your particular style and your unique take on making a movie.  When it all comes together, step back and look at what you have done. You can be satisfied that what you created has your particular signature on it for all to see.

So, get out there and make your movie. YOU don’t need someone else’s version of what it should be. It is YOUR movie! Make it stand out because that is the only way to get your name out there as an artist who has a different way of telling the same story of life.
We are positive that once you start, you will never stop.

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