Thursday, June 18, 2015

Director Jessie Tatum and The Zone, 2015

The Organizers of The ZONE SciFan Film Race and Festival 2015, Jo'Nathan Gywnn and Rakesh Jacob along with the fine folks at Microsearch and iKan (Joseph Hemphill and Cary Gordon) presented Director Jessie Tatum (with Team Stone Hedgehog) with a new Panasonic GH4 Camera for their win 2nd Overall Best Film for their short sci-fi movie "PAM". This team also won for Best Writing and The Prime Directive Award. We have seen Ms. Tatum's work before and it is outstanding. Keep an eye on her and Congratulations to the team. Check out The ZONE at: www.TheZONESciFan.com 
also check out MicroSearch at: www.MicroSearch.com

And, on a sidenote, Organizers are getting for their International film festival taking place at the Space City Con coming up late July. 

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