Friday, July 16, 2010

The 2010 Houston Summer Sneak Peek.

C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine met with filmmaker and the organizer of the upcoming "2010 Houston Summer Sneak Peek" screening of short films and Trailers, Chris Spisak. Wonderful things are happening in the City of Houston when it comes to this film/tv industry.

"The 2010 Houston Summer Sneak Peek" is schedule for August 12th, 2010 next month, in the main Theater of the LandMark River Oaks Theater on West Gray. Four short films will be premiered and screened for the first time including Renee Edd's "Midsummer", Chuck Norfolk's "Bar Room Blitz", Judy Garlow's "Key of D" and Chris Spisak's "The Usual".  Each film will be followed by a Q & A hosted by Ahead Shot.

Between some of the films, Mr. Spisak will show movie trailers from films being make in the Houston area including trailers from Stacy Davidson's "Sweatshop", Kerry Beyer's "Spirit Camp", Todd Jason Cook's "Zombiefired", Michael Colburn's "The Toy Box",  Travis Ammons' "Suicide Notes", Joe Grisaffi's "Dead of Knight", "Open Mic" and "Second Sunday".

Tickets for the 2010 Houston Summer Sneak Peek are only $7.50 and can be purchased at by (clicking here) This is going to be a huge event and everyone who is anyone is going to be there. Get your tickets before the show is sold out.

There will be an after party immediately after the event at "Marfreles" just around the corner from the Theater. C-47 Houston will be there to support our filmmakers and we hope that you will show up and get involved.

Also, Congratulations to Actor Thomas White. He has been selected to Guest host as "Gage Maverik" at the "Texas United Southern States Pageant, July 24 and 25th at the Crowne Plaza-North Houston, Houston, Texas.  For more information vistit: http://www.misstexaspageant.info/ 

For more  information about Thomas White (aka: Gage Maverik and the Gage Maverik Roadshow) Visit: http://www.thegagemaverikroadshow.com/

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