Friday, November 20, 2015

"Happiness" Test Screen, Director Mike Ugada 11-19-15

Houston Director Mike Ugada presented the first test-screening of his new feature drama motion picture "Happiness" Thursday Night, November 19th, 2015 at the AMC First Colony 24 in Sugar Land, Texas. 
Written by Mr. Ugada the movie follows a young woman by the name of Queen, played by Vanessa Simmons, who dreams of the perfect life, the perfect car, the perfect house and the perfect marriage.  Not happy with her current situation, she leaves a man that truly loves her. The problem is that he is struggling to make ends meet as a mechanic, can barley make it but will do anything to be with her. When he proposes to her, Queen has higher ambitions and is lured by a business man with wealth and the things that she thinks will make her happy. She marries this man and when she learns that he is having an affair, everything starts to fall apart, and happiness is just an illusion. 
The movie tells the story entirely without dialogue and focuses on the characters and the actors ability to act with facial movements and emotion, which we think was amazingly presented.  We were actually lured into the story even though there was no dialogue, it was powerful, emotional and it worked. If you missed out on catching this movie, you missed an amazing piece of work by Director Mike Ugada. This is his directorial feature movie and it was a good one. 
The movies starred Vanessa Simmons, Darrin Dewitt Henson, Leith Burke, Lorey Hayes, Christopher McDaniel, Gio Montesinos, and Damien Gerard. 
Behind the camera is cinematographer Micheal Jenkins.

Look for the review of "Happiness" in our FlixReview section of our website at: www.C47Houston.com sometime in December, 2015. 
In the meantime, Mr. Ugada invited us to see his movie and we took a few pictures. Enjoy. 


Learn more about "Happiness" on their IMDB page at:
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