Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Prank premiere. More pictures.

If you missed ordering C47Houston WEEKLY no. 40 with Director Marcus Freeman you missed our coverage of the Houston premiere of his short project and his directorial film project "The Prank". In that issue we asked Mr. Freeman some interesting questions about his work, we presented some outstanding pictures to capture the moment and we presented a new filmmaker that seems to be moving along nicely. You can order the issue at: 

Also, We are working on a special request C47Houston FlixReview for this short project. That review is scheduled to be released later Sunday, October 25th. You can find it at: 

Below are the pictures that didn't make the issue and we would like to share them with you.. Again, if you want to see additional photo and read a Q&A order an issue.   


Learn more about "The Prank" and "Like" them on facebook at: 

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