Thursday, January 27, 2011

WorldFest-Houston's 2011 Kick-Off Wine Reception at La Colombe d'Or Hotel

The Organizer and the Founder of WorldFest-Houston, Mr. Hunter Todd, (pictured below right) and the Event Coordinator of WorldFest-Houston Ms. Kathleen Haney (pictured below left) Kicked-Off'd the 44th Annual 2011 WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival with a Wine Reception at Houston's 5-star hotel and Restaurant the La Colombe d'Or. C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine was there to capture the moment, to support one of Houston's major film Festivals and to support our television and Filmmakers who attended the event.
Movie makers like San Banarje, Shawn Welling, R. Scott Budge and John Frazier were there. The Consulate Generals from the Netherlands, Germany and England were there. Indie Slate Magazine's Dave Walker and Maureen Herzog were there. Houston Film Critics Society's Regina Scruggs and Nick Nicholson were there as well as fans, supporters, actors, producers and investors were there to mix and mingle on this wonderful night of "being seen".

The 44th Annual WorldFest-Houston International Film will have a couple of more of these wine receptions coming up. We will let you know about upcoming events. The Festival is scheduled to take place April 8th through April 17th here in Houston. For more information, marketing booth opportunites, tickets, film schedules and more visit: http://www.worldfest.org/

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