Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The September issue of C-47 Houston Entertainment magazine.

The 2010 September issue of C-47  Houston Entertainment Magazine is now available for you to purchase or to pick up. The September issue features Filmmaker, Writer and Director Wayne Slaten as our Headline Cover Interview. Mr. Slaten is the writer and director of the suspense horror feature film "Backroad" which premiered in Houston just recently. Mr. Slaten talks to C-47 Houston about his last film "Backroad" you can see it at:

Taking the photograph is Houston's Jamiel Boling of  IEKOMEDIA.com. He did a fantastic job with Wanye and his professionalism more than produced an excellent Headline Cover for September but produced an outstanding visual marketing photo for the magazine.

Also, C-47 Houston talked with the twin team of Arturo and Gerardo Parra. Filmmakers and Television makers with CounterPart Films.  The Parra's were able to talk to our cameras. You can see that video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Da_Q233AX4U

The filmmakers are busy working on several projects including talk shows, commercials and of course, are in pre-production on their new feature film. They talked about their careers in this business and where they hope to see it in a few years.

Lastly, C-47 Houston talked with actress and producer Kelly Burns Smith. Relatively new to the scene but making a huge impact on the local film community. Smith talked to C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine. You can see that video at:

Ms. Smith is the producer and marketing/PR representative for the 2010 SplatterFest Weekend of Mayhem and the upcoming 2010 Houston HorrorFest.  Represented by Houston's Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency, Ms. Smith is becoming a leader in her field.

In Addition, to the forgoing interviews the September issue of C-47 Houston Entertainment Magazine contains plenty of news, a listing of film calls and/or contests, our September daily schedule and marketing information.

You can order a copy of this exciting issue in both electronic copy or hardcopy at our official website at: http://www.c47houston.com/ . Just look for the PayPal button, choose your option and start enjoying our magazine via subscription or a single copy.

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